Episode 41 The Roundtable

December 31st, 2014

Its New Years eve and we'll end the Year with a DFL roundtable.  Subjects are VT 100 registration changes, goals for 2015 and doping in ultras.

Thanks for listening and have a Happy New Year!

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Episode 40 Alyssa Adreani- Run Across Massachusetts

December 13th, 2014

We are back for Episode 40 and Trail Animal Alyssa Adreani joins to tell about her recent run across Massachusetts.  

Thanks for listening and you can send any comments or feedback to dflultrarunning@comcast.net.
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Episode 39 Eric Friedman- The Skydive Ultra

November 30th, 2014

Joining for Episode 39 is the RD for the Skydive Ultra Eric Friedman.  This isnt your every day ultra-  listen in and hear all about it.

We also have following our interview the second DFL Roundtable.

Thanks for listening!

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Episode 38 Ghost Trail Trail Races 2

November 6th, 2014

We bring you the follow up episode to the Ghost Train Trail Races where our runners will give a race report.  Scott Baver also joins to talk about his training race.

Thanks as always for listening!

Mike Saporito and Kim Vanyo- 0:02:45
Anette Florczak                      1:18:05
Eric Nguyen                           1:57:35
Scott Baver                             2:37:05

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Episode 37 Vermont 50 Special

October 28th, 2014

Joining DFL is Mike Silverman, Race Director of the Vermont 50.  Next, the first and second place finishers will join in a joint interview (Kevin Tilton and Eric Ahern).  Finally, we have a new feature on DFL which we are testing out-  the Roundtable. 

Thanks for listening, dont hesitate to send feedback to dflultrarunning@comcast.net.

Mike SIlverman                 00:02:45
Kevin Tilton & Eric Ahern   00:38:20
The Roundtable                01:44:00

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Episode 36 Ghost Trail Trail Race Special #1

October 15th, 2014

Epsiode 36 is all about the Ghost Train Trail Race in New Hampshire, with the ultras starting on October 25.  We start off by talking to Race Director Steve Latour, and then have a pre-race preparation and race strategy Q&A with four runners shooting to complete their first 100 milers.  We'll have the runners back after the race to see how their races went.

Thanks for listening as always; feel free to leave feedback and subscribe on itunes or send an email to dflultrarunning@comcast.net

Steve Latour         0:04:20
Kim Vanyo           0:36:00
Eric Nguyen         1:02:00
Annette Florczak  1:26:00
Mike Saporito       1:48:00 

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Episode 35 David Huss & Sam Jurek - Fat Dog 120

September 20th, 2014

David Huss joins on Episode 35 with a race report of his finish at the 2014 Fat Dog 120.  Sam Jurek also joins to provide crew and pacer perspective on this awesome race.

Scott Baver and Mike Saporito also stop by; Scott with a race report of his August Hampshire 100k finish and Mike recent training efforts for the Ghost Train 100 coming up.

Thanks for listening.

Team DFL

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Episode 34 Vermont 100 Race Director Special- Julia O’Brien and Amy Rusiecki

August 11th, 2014

We are back already to finish off discussion of the Vermont 100 with Race Director 2014 Julia O'Brien and 2015 on Amy Rusiecki.  Scott Baver also joins to discuss our 8 hour race at the BURCS Sweltering Summer Ultra & Marathon.

Thanks for listening-  you can send feedback at dflultrarunning@comcast.net, our FB and Twitter accounts (DFL Ultrarunning) and itunes. 

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Episode 33- Adam Wilcox/Ryan Welts & The DFL Crew’s Vermont 100 Report

August 4th, 2014

Episode 33 starts with Adam Wilcox and Ryan Welts discussing their run of the Grafton Notch Loop in Maine, a FKT.  For the rest of the episode the DFL crew, Mike Saporito, Scott Baver and Dean Hugo join to talk over my race report for the Vermont 100, what went wrong and if there is any chance to fix it.

Thanks for listening!

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Episode 32 Vermont 100

July 12th, 2014

We are back, and Scott Baver joins as we throw out a quick episode before the Vermont 100.  We get caught up on training status, I'll do a race report on the Finger Lakes 50k, but mostly we discuss the Vermont 100 including my training, plans for crew, logistics, food/hydration and gear and then some notes on the Vermont race this year.  So mainly its all about Eric-  hopefully you can stomach that.

Thanks for listening and feel free to leave feedback at DFL Ultrarunning FB page, via email at dflultrarunning!@comcast.net or at itunes where you can subscribe to this podcast.

Try leftlanesports.com-  use this link and help DFL!  http://www.avantlink.com/click.php?tt=ml&ti=354769&pw=159535

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Episode 31- Jimmy Dean Freeman & Andy Kumeda, The Original Six Hundo Challenge

May 28th, 2014

Jimmy Dean Freeman and Andy Kumeda join to talk about their upcoming attempt at running the original six 100 milers in 2014.  They'll talk planning, strategy and race history and the timing between races.  Mike Saporito joins as we share our race reports from the NJ Trail Series 3 Days at the Fair 24 Hour Race.

If you would like to assist Jimmy and Andy on their quest for the original six, especially for the east coast races (Old Dominion and Vermont) please let us know at dflultrarunning@comcast.net or at our FB page.  They could use some help, crew and pacing perhaps, coming east from SoCal.  If you'd like to be a part of their journey feel free to reach out.  You can always reach Jimmy and Andy directly on Facebook.

Thanks for listening; feel free to also leave feedback at itunes where you can subscribe to receive this podcast automatically.

2:55        Jimmy Dean Freeman & Andy Kumeda
1:37:40    Mike & Eric's 3 Days at the Fair Report

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Episode 30- What’s Your Motivation

May 11th, 2014

Mike Saporito and Dean Hugo join to talk about what motivates us as Ultrarunners and during a race to finish.  We go roundtable style and rank different things affecting us-  listen in and play along.  And let us know what we missed since we surely didn't get it all.

Thanks for listening and feel free to give feedback at itunes, twitter or send to dflultrarunning@comcast.net.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Episode 29 TARC- Josh Katzman & Bob Crowley

April 20th, 2014

Its that time of the year where we turn our attention to TARC at DFL.  Joining DFL are Josh Katzman and Bob Crowley who will talk about changes for TARC in 2014, the 2014 Race Calendar and the TARC 100.  Mike Saporito joins to talk over training and his recent 50 mile self supported run and we preview the NJ Trail Series 3 Days at the Fair races, and Scott Baver joins where we talk Leatherwoods Ultra results and we'll butcher the results of the Twin States 50. 

Feedback can be sent to dflultrarunning@comcast.net or left at itunes, where you can subscribe to this podcast.  Twitter is @dflultrarunning and FB is DFL Ultrarunning.


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Getting to Know your Fellow Trail Runner #4- Kevin @ Endurance Decals

April 17th, 2014

On our 4th installment, Scott bloggerviews Kevin, better known to most of us as Endurance Decals.  Kevin is an endurance athlete who makes custom decals.  Many of us have used his services.  You can find him on FB @ https://www.facebook.com/k.endurance.tribe?fref=ts.  Dont hesitate to reach out to him if you have an idea!  Thanks and enjoy.



Episode 28 Kummer/Palmer/Pangie

March 25th, 2014

Its Episode 28, where we have Scott Kummer and Chad Palmer join to talk about their experiences at the inaugural Sean O'Brien 50 and Black Canyon Trail 100k, respectively.  Ben Pangie, the RD of the Inaugural Twin State 50 Fatass race joins as well.  And as always Mike joins to talk about stuff with Scott Baver.

We'll say it up front, this is the worst edited and put together episode yet-  call it the DFL of episode quality.  Hang in there, it will (should?) get better again!

Feel free to join our FB page or follow us at Twitter (both at DFL Ultrarunning).  Send feedback to dflultrarunning@comcast.net 

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Getting to Know Your Fellow Trail Runner #3- Ben Pangie

March 12th, 2014

Our next installment of Getting to know your fellow trail runner could really be called getting to know your RD!  Ben Pangie is the RD of the soon to be inaugural Twin States 50M/50K race in VT and NH.  A spring Fatass race in New England.  

Blog can be found at dflultra.blogspot.com

Getting to Know Your Fellow Trail Runner (GTKT) Episode 2: Olivia Rissland

February 26th, 2014

Our second installment of Getting to Know your Fellow Trail Runner from Scott Baver is with another TARC member Olivia Rissland.

Blog can be found at http://dflultra.blogspot.com/

Read and enjoy!


Episode 27- Colleen “Fit Bee” Murphy and Tim Worden

February 23rd, 2014

This episode has Colleen Murphy joining to discuss running and pregnancy, and Tim Worden joins to discuss the Leatherwood Ultras and the Annihilator in North Carolina.  Scott Baver joins with Tim to talk about those races.  Mike joins to talk shop and I give a race review and report of the NJ Trail Series Febapple Frozen 50.

Feel free to provide feedback via dflultrarunning@comcast.net, via Facebook at DFL Ultrarunning, via twitter@ DFL Ultrarunning and at itunes.

Colleen Murphy  2:40
Tim Worden 41:30
Mike/Eric  1:39:00
Febapple Frozen 50 Report 2:43:00

Listen Now:

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Getting to Know TARC/Your Fellow Ultrarunners #1- Justin Contois

February 13th, 2014

TARC members may recall a feature by Justin Contois where members are interviewed via blog so we can learn a bit more about our running companions. 

Justin has graciously allowed DFL to continue this on, with our thanks to Scott Baver who will be doing this for DFL.  Episode 1 is none other then Justin himself!

You can find the new DFL blog at http://dflultra.blogspot.com/ (thanks again to Dr. Baver).

This will allow us access to learn more about the folks like us who have nothing better to do that to run around for hours.

Scott is also planning to do more with this so stay tuned!


Episode 26 Ed “The Jester” Ettinghausen, Amos Esty and Emily Wynes @ farnorthendurance.com

January 12th, 2014

We have Ed Ettinghausen back to talk about his recent US Age Group and top 3 finishes at the Desert Solstice 24 hour and the Across the Years 6 day race.  We also have Amost Esty and Emily Wynes from farnorthendurance.com, a popular online site with information and reports about running, hiking and anything outdoors in the Northeast.  And then Eric and Mike will BS.

Ed Ettinghausen  0:1:48
Amos Esty and Emily Wynes 1:39:30
Eric & Mike 2:22:00

Subscribe at itunes, email feedback to dflultrarunning@comcast.net, reach out at our Facebook page or at Twitter.


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Episode 25 Linnea Anderson

December 27th, 2013

Trail Animal Linnea Anderson join to talk about her recent run at the Hellgate 100k and shares some of the hard to find details on this tough race.  Mike Saporito joins and we talk the year in review, gear changes, 2014 and more.

Thanks for listening.  You can subscribe at itunes and leave feedback there, or at our FB page, Twitter or via email at dflultrarunning@comcast.net.

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Episode 24 Scott Traer

December 13th, 2013

Its Episode 24, released one year to the day from Episode 1.  We try and spice it up a little; dont worry, it wont happen again and we'll apologize in advance :)   Scott Traer will join to talk about his adventures and smoking fast ultrarunning.  Mike Saporito joins and we talk training and The World Ultra Tour.

Thanks for listening-  you can find us at, itunes, twitter and Facebook at DFL Ultrarunning and you can send us feedback at dflultrarunning@comcast.net.

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Episode 23 Peter Priolo 2013 Grand Slammer

November 22nd, 2013

Welcome to Episode 23 where we will talk to 2013 Grand Slammer Peter Priolo about what it took for him to get it done.  Mike and I will talk about the 11/2/13 StoneCat Trail Races and the changes to the Western States qualifying races and the possible effect on the qualifiers.

Thanks for listening and you can reach us at dflultrarunning@comcast.net, twitter, FB and itunes.....

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Episode 22 John Fegyveresi

November 11th, 2013

Mike Saporito will lead off Episode 22 with a race report for the Ghost Train Trail Ultra.  Following is an interview with john Fegyversesi, best known for his finish at the Barkleys Marathon but who has also completed the AT, PCT and CT plus Badwater and the Last Annual Vol State Road Race 500k-  and much more.  We'll finish with an injury discussion with Dean Hugo.

Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe at dflultrarunning.com or itunes.  Dont hesitate to send feedback to dflultrarunning@comcast.net or at our Facebook or Twitter pages....

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Episode 21 Bear 100 Follow Up #2

October 30th, 2013

Finishing up coverage of the Bear 100 for 2013, we have race reports from Mike Saporito, Bob Crowley, Brendan Gilpatrick and Deb Pero.  Steve Pero joins Deb for a crew report as well.

Thanks all for listening and dont hesitate to send comments/feedback to dflultrarunning@comcast.net, at itunes, or on twitter at DFL Ultrarunning.

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Episode 20 Bear 100 Follow up #1

October 20th, 2013

In Episode 20, we will have the first of two Episodes that mainly focus on Bear 100 follow up interviews and reports.  In this Episode, Eric Sherman will discuss his DNF and we will have a detailed interview with Scott Baver about his Bear 100 finish- that will also have Mike "Buggy" Maher and Mike Saporito join in for most of the discussion.  I'll also talk a but about DNF's in general.

Thanks for listening and feel free to leave feedback at itunes, dflultrarunning@comcast.net via email, or at our twitter account.

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Episode 19 Pre-Bear Part 2

September 20th, 2013

We wrap our our Bear 100 pre-race discussions with runner Brendan Gilpatrick, pacer Mike "Buggy" Maher, crew Victor Dean Hugo and Eric Sherman and Mike Saporito going over their final thoughts.

We hope you enjoy-  off to Logan Utah!

Brendan Gilpatrick                                 1:30
Mike "Buggy" Maher                             26:44
Victor Dean Hugo                                 49:52
Eric Sherman/Mike Saporito               1:15:45
Fanfare for the Common Man  ELP     2:30:27

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Episode 18 Pre-Bear Part 1

September 17th, 2013

Our Pre-Bear episode starts with Eric & Mike doing a preview of the Bear, trying to bring together a lot of the facts about the race and why we chose to run it.  Next we'll talk with Phil Lowry, who has worked closely with the race as a co- RD, and has run the race 11 times.  We'll then talk to Deb Pero, who has run the Bear in the past and will also be returning in 2013 fresh off her Hardrock finish.  We'll finish up with two TARC members-  first, Scott Baver, running his first Bear and finally Bob Crowley, head Trail Animal and also coming fresh off a Hardrock finish.  Part 2  will be out shortly so we can finish packing and get out of town!

Thanks for listening-  head to itunes to subscribe and leave feedback, our FB page (DFL Ultrarunning) or send via email at dflultrarunning@comcast.net.

Eric/Mike Race Preview    3:44
Phil Lowry                       36:18
Deb Pero                        1:50:00
Scott Baver                     2:19:00
Bob Crowley                   2:42:30

Listen Now:

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Episode 17 TARC Summer Classic

August 29th, 2013

Episode 17-  the Episode that could not be denied!  A fierce computer virus forced postponement of our planned interview but we still have a review of the TARC Summer Classic, Mikes Bytes and our training updates.

Get ready, its going to be Beartember-  yeah I said it!

Thanks for all the feedback and support and please visit our FB page and itunes at DFL Ultrarunning and send feedback via email at dflultrarunning@comcast.net

Listen Now:

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Episode 16 Joe Uhan

August 16th, 2013

Episode 16 features an interview with Olive Oil Joe Uhan.  Listen and and Joe will talk about the origin of that nickname, his successful running career, his coaching and articles he contributes to irunfar.com.  Joe also announces his participation with a publication that we all know and love. Joe is a Physical Therapist on top of all that.

Thanks for listening in and dont hesitate to share with others if you enjoy.

You can leave us feedback on itunes, send to dflultrarunning@comcast.net, Facebook or Twitter!

Listen Now:

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